To whom this concerns, My name is Mark Consugar and I am a very proud owner of an Atlantic Labradoodles Labradoodle. My experience working with Shirley and Jim has been nothing short of exemplary. I had considered getting a dog for my family for a few years, but finally committed once I purchased my home in Arlington, MA in 2020. My daughter was adamant that we get a Labradoodle in order to help with her mother's allergies, so I sought out reputable breeders in Massachusetts starting last October. During my Google search, Atlantic Labradoodles came up early and often for "Best Labradoodle Breeders in Massachusetts". I reached out to Shirley - as well as 5 other breeders - but only Atlantic Labradoodles cared to respond. Jim was very warm and engaging during our initial conversations, asking me about my previous dog ownership experiences, my reasons for wanting a new dog, my current living circumstances - everything a conscientious breeder would ask of a potential owner. Jim then shared Shirley's contact information, in order for us to have an opportunity to discuss pending litters and my suitability as an owner of one of her puppies. I feel like we hit it off from the start, and our continued conversations over the course of the following 5 months as we awaited the birth of the litter and choice of the puppy further galvanized my decision to get a puppy from Shirley. Overall choosing the puppy, arranging to pick up the dog, transfer, payment, etc. was as smooth as could be. The puppy arrived in perfect health, and I was provided with more than sufficient food, supplements, toys, and training advice to get our puppy, "Ruby," integrated into our family. It has been 6 weeks since Ruby came home, and she is absolutely thriving. She has taken to crate training in less than 3 weeks, sleeps fully through the evening, was trained to ring a bell to go outside within 4 weeks, walks on a lead without incident, and is extremely social with other dogs and children. I cannot say enough about Atlantic Labradoodles and would highly recommend them to ANYONE looking for a new puppy. I can say without reservation that I will be considering adding another dog to our family in about 2 years, and will be reaching out to Shirley and Jim first, when that time comes... Sincerely - Mark Consugar
Mark Consugar
Proud Owner of an Atlantic Labradoodles Labradoodle.