Name: Desert Waves’s Frosted Elegance “Ella”

Color: Chocolate with White Markings

ALAA Reg. # :ALAA-61868

Weight: 41 lbs 

Dam: Desert Waves Vintage Chanel

Sire: Hale’s Work Hard To Play Hard


Name: Atlantic Chanel “Chanel”

Color: Chocolate with White Markings

ALAA Reg. #: ALAA-090729 

Weight: 35 lbs

Dam: Desert Waves’s Frosted Elegance 

Sire: Colonial Village Boston the Patriot


Name: Rio

Color: Apricot Parti

ALAA Reg. #: ALAA 086318

Weight: 26 lbs

Dam: Clearwater Hollywood

Sire: Swinging Gate Murphy

Each of our breeding dogs are health tested in accordance with ALAA Gold Paw and WALA Star standards for: OFA Hips, OFA Elbows, OFA Eyes, Heart, Patella, PRA, DM, EIC, IC, vWD, Hereditary Nasal Parakeratosis, and Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures. All breeders are microchipped and have their DNA profiles run for positive identification. Our breeding parents are always clear on the PawPrint genetics. Jay, Please add this to sires and dams and highlite. Best Wishes, Shirley

Atlantic Labradoodles is a breeder of Australian Labradoodles. I would like to share my passion for this enchanting breed of dog with you. I first purchased a Labradoodle named Lucy, for my grandchildren. She has been wonderful. I saw first-hand how this breed responds to children and families. They are loving companions, who have great personalities, are playful, endearing and full of fun. They are allergy-friendly, too. Frosted Elegance, “Ella”, the Labradoodle I have chosen not only as the cornerstone of my breeding program, but also due to her great easy going disposition as my own personal pet.

Thank you for your interest in an Atlantic Labradoodle!!