Available Puppies

Green Guy

Medium size male, “Dark” Chocolate with white Blaze markings. Sweet personality, he is very friendly and is absolutely gorgeous! Previous Next

Purple Girl

“Purple Girl” She is ready to enjoy the beach with you. She is a nice deep dark Chocolate medium size female labradoodle. She loves companionship, if you want to do something she enjoys it too. She loves playing with everyone she can and is extremely social. Previous Next


“Coco” is a wonderful deep chocolate with a wavy fleece coat and small white blaze on her chest. She is “cute as a button”, super friendly, confident and simply a joy to be with. She loves playing, cuddling, interacting, and relaxing with you, she can’t get enough! !!! She has been RESERVED by wonderfully warm, …

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Yellow Girl – RESERVED

“Yellow Girl”Her coat is a solid rich dark Chocolate fleece. She is a medium size female labradoodle and a little cutie pie that is calm, warm and affectionate. She loves to have her neck tickled and stroked. She loves to play, relax and explore. Previous Next

Friendly Girl – RESERVED

“Friendly Girl” Medium size female, deep chocolate wavy fleece coat with white blaze and chin. She loves to be held, cuddled and please. She has a very sweet affectionate “dogonality” and is friendly with everyone she meets. She loves to please. Previous Next

Pink Girl – RESERVED

“Pink Girl” Medium size female, deep “Dark” Chocolate, amazingly deep wooly coat with a long white blaze and white button chin markings. She enjoys interaction with her litter mates and loves to play. She loves to relax and receive lots love and affection. Previous Next